Today was a big day! After a favorable in-water survey, it was decided to haul and block Legacy at CSR's West Yard. The guys hooked up 4 straps to the 70-ton Travelift to help spread the load, a common practice with heavier wood boats. After getting the boat out of the water and pressure-washed, it was seen that the bottom and much of the running gear was encrusted in marine growth, mostly good, old-fashioned barnacles (see photo under "Bottom Paint). This was good and bad. Good, because it would help explain the boat's lack of speed on the recent sea trial, but bad because the bottom would need a considerable prep prior to going back in the water. Another thing we focus on at CSR is the general condition of the running gear (and by "running gear" we generally mean the shafts, propellers, struts, rudders and cutlass bearings): is there any obvious damage, any signs of electrolysis, do the propellers appear to be in good shape? We also routinely evaluate the zincs and the condition of the bottom paint, preferably in the presence of the owner, so that options can immediately by discussed. After a careful walk-around, it was determined by Legacy's owner that there was nothing obvious that would stop the purchase agreement from going forward, so it was decided to block the boat in the yard for an extensive out of water survey. The boat was moved to the end of the yard and put into one of our portable shelters, mainly to keep the sun off the vessel's seams so that they wouldn't dry out excessively in the early autumn heat. The shelter would also be a good enclosure if the owner decided to paint the hull.


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