Keel Repair

It happens to a bunch of us each year. We're cruising along just fine when suddenly the boat comes to a sudden and sickening stop, sending gear and crew flying. Hopefully nobody was hurt, but most groundings should be followed by a quick call to CSR Marine to schedule a haul out and assess what repairs may be necessary.

Major keel repair, particuarly if it involves keel removal, is a complex undertaking and can be a heartbreaking and expensive experience for the sailboat owner if things go sideways in the boatyard. Nobody in the Puget Sound area has more expertise in keel repair, nor better working relationships with leading insurers. than CSR Marine. From the 70+ foot ocean racer to the humble but cherished T-Bird, and everything in between, you can trust CSR to repair your keel right, to stick to our quote and to promise your complete satisfaction.

Whether it's for keel repair from grounding damage, a major keel modification or keel removal for shipment, always call CSR Marine first! 

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